Friday, November 29, 2013

As November Comes to a Close

Where has November gone? Being busy getting ready for the "Little Treasures" Art Show is a big part of Novembers demise. My accomplishments are many, yet for some reason I don't feel like I have done much , but finish off series after series on Netflix, get into a morning loop on facebook , get into a morning loop on facebook, get into..the loop. 
The dragonfly's are hung, dazzling the brown wall.
Five dedicated artist spent two days hanging the art show. Saturday the 16TH was the opening and we had rave reviews. The artist at the Courtyard Gallery really outdid themselves for this show. I hope you are able to go and do some shopping for your loved ones at the Gallery. If shopping isn't what you do then I hope you can go visit and take in all that the Gallery has to offer, the inspiration of art.

The cliffs "Winter Cliffs" and "Sunflower Cliffs". Ruth Swenors colorful abstract and Terri Reids "Goats".

The real winter cliffs from our backyard.

It has been cold, by the river the dying grass grows frost in the shadows.
Yesterday I finished a commission that I have been working on for "The Healthy Chocolate Company". When I paint a top I don't paint one I paint as many as I can get on the table. I worked on three. Below are the two tops I painted with the commission. 
Tree Top of random colors, and squash blossom inspired flowers.
Tree Top with expandable paint, giving the tree depth and texture.
Happy Birthday to my Little Sister November 28TH. All the best to everyone, until next time. The road is long, don't forget to relax, and breath deeply along the way.

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