Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Art around Enderby

Welcome to Enderby, with the famous Cliffs painted on the sign.

Art seams to be all around as you walk down the side walks of Enderby. Each time I take a walk, a drive, a bike ride, I see something new.

The library has a sign with books on one side and on the other is a girl reading. As you look through the photo's you can guess what the business is by the picture on the paintings.

The owner of the pet shop sometimes has her art hanging on the walls.

I should walk by here more often you can smell the flowers from across the street.

Seniors have many modes of transportation

The Cornerstone Garden Enderby In Bloom 2005. A beautiful little garden off of George St.

This Mural is on City Hall and it has to do with Enderby & District Community Play 1999.."Not The Way I Heard It" Until I got closer to the Mural I thought it must have been something to do with the Alien invasion of 1818. Just joking, that's one way to start a rumor. The Artist and designer is Frances Hatfield.

This is painted on the dollar store window but is beginning to fade.

Crystal Gardens
Must check this out.

Love the chop sticks


The Eagle and Salmon sculpture in front of City Hall is amazing.

We were sorry to see LULU'S for sale and closed

The building this sign is on has had a frenzy of work being done to it.

Enderby Skate board park a plethora of impromptu art

Fish Lovers seam to like the cutzie fish.

What a surprise to find this fasinating "Quilakwa Art Gallery" at the Super Save Gas. You can stop off for fuel, check out the art and then go to the Flea Market

Don't overlook the slick Eagle on the porch.

What did I miss? The painted fire hydrents, and tomorrow when I go out I'm sure I will see something new.

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Anonymous said...

so well seen! the very best bits and pieces of enderby art. nicely photographed, well walked!