Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Cold

Winter is upon us and this morning the thermometer in the Smart said it was -16c. My feet have been toasty warm in my old purple gigantic felt packs. My "hand me down" snow pants that I got from Yolanda after she grew out of them years a go (She was bigger than me at 11 years old) along with pants, long johns, thick socks, vest, coat, scarf, hat and mittens all keep me warm out of doors. Only my face gets cold and sometimes my fingers. Mateo has a new jacket, but seams to love the snow, when he gets in it all he wants to do is run. Or his feet are cold and running keeps his feet off the grown. He didn't want to linger outside this morning.

Now that this rock face is covered in ice Mateo refrains from his role as Mountain Goat.

The moon has been amazingly beautiful.

A simple seasonal decoration for the front porch. The cedar boughs filled the house with a wonderful scent as I was making it. 

Today the sun keeps peeking in and out and it feels good on my skin and my soul. Keep warm and safe on these cold dark days.

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