Monday, August 22, 2011

Garlic Fest and the Green Party

Garlic Festival has come and gone, and everyone had a good time. The green Party booth was very visible under our new tent. However the dogs seamed to get the most attention and it was suggested by Susan that I make Mattie a Green Party T shirt. I'm sure I can come up with something. Greig Crockett our Candidate brought his dog a tiny 13 year old Shelty she was very popular. 
I had no idea how many types of garlic you can grow until I attended last years Garlic Festival, soft neck, hard neck, Russian and the list goes on. 
The sunflower that Dave Poirier grew and donated to the Green Party Thanks Dave
  A Festival must have entertainment and this festival had a stage with music, lots of vendors, food and Garlic contests. The garlic eating contest I think should be done away with, I couldn't even watch that one. But I did enter the cooking contest. Everything was provided, not too many rules and no time restriction. I had a handy cap, one of the stoves didn't have enough fuel so I had to go raw.I cubed some bread, and chopped up carrots, patty pan squash, a few green beans, a bit of green onion, garlic, lots of basil, parsley, and sprinkled with oil, garlic vinegar, and salt.I placed four whole tomato's on top to brighten it up. I came in second.

The new tent

My dish, I got photo's after the judges had had their fill.

Chief #4

the winning dish


Cheif #3

The winner Shirley

Cook # 4 she came with her red hat friends.

Cook # 2 self photo."I only entered for the Chocolate!" Yes the prize was Deep Creek Rock Chocolate!( I didn't know what the prize was before I entered. I would have entered the Garlic inspired fashion parade had I known.)

The three of us stayed all day, we were so green.

A tender moment with Steve and the Sunflower.

Next year I can have something for the garlic fashion parade maybe I could, Oh I won't say what I may do for next year I guess you will just have to come and find out. 

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