Monday, August 29, 2011

A Mini Wedding Vacation on Pender Island at Poet's Cove

Aaron and Emily Thursday August 25th 2011 Poets Cove Resort Pender Island, BC.
August 23, 2011 Steve and I packed up the Volvo dropped Mattie off at Pat's, and headed down the road for a Pender Island mini vacation and the Wedding of  Aaron and Emily. The sky's were amazing from the Ferry and through out the day's and nights we were there.

A band playing in a mall on Pender Island

Mall Sculpture.

The crystalline Pottery was fascinating.

Goodies I couldn't resist from the bakery. 

Deer grazed in and around the Resort with patients for the dogs and people so curious about them

The sun setting on our first evening in Poets Cove.

Water falls above the steam caves. The hot steam felt so good. I loved the echo's in the cave, I couldn't resist the urge to hum only stopping if I thought someone was coming in. It was hypnotic. 

Evening view from our Villa. that we shared with Steve's brother Rick.

Breakfast on the deck.

The Wedding was held at cabin #4. It had a large patio area flowing down the hill dropping off into the sea.

The Commissioner for the wedding was a last minute fill in, the women that was going to officiate became ill and could not make it. Loved his English accent. Talk among the friends was how his accent changed making them wonder which area in England he was from. When asked how long he has been a Commissioner the answer 15 gave use the immediate impression of years, but then he said months.

Breanne and Brian

A tender moment with Dad.

The Commissioners mod of transportation.

Brother and sister of the bride Katie and Cameron.

Breanne and Brian

Emily's parents, Alan and Beth. Beth was after my fashion designer sense in her red linen dress.

On the edge.

The Groom. I love the sun ray across the bouquet accentuating Aaron holding  the bouquet.

Oh the lovely bride Emily

Traveling all the way from Norway, Grete and Oeivind.
Emily lived with them on a school exchange program.They considered Emily like a daughter.

Is it lucky to have a bird poop on you? That is what they say and after Steve got pooped on everyone told him how lucky he was.

The brides Family. Beth, Alan, Katie, Emile, Aaron, Cameron and his Lovely wife Ilinca 

The grooms family. Loralee, Elsie, John, Dorothy, Aaron, Emily, Breanne and Brian

Entrance door.

The bride goes first.

The young chief waiting to create your culinary wish.

Emily ,Breanne, John and Dorothy made the flowers.

View from the docks.

Cabin #4 from the dock.

This is such and interesting rock it was very large, you could make a large salad in any of the bowls if you were so inclined. It looks like an alien if you turn it the other way. 

Our villa was on the ground floor.

A quite moment for the bride and groom.

Harbor lights streak in the night shot but the chairs are in there places. 

6:00 in the morning and the hot tub steams the glass fence. The wedding is over and we soon set out for our next adventure on our mini vacation.

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