Monday, January 2, 2012

Enderby's Polar Bear Swim for 2012

It's a New year 2012. 10:00AM New Years day I walked down to the river by Belvidere Park to see who would participate in Enderby's first, that I know of, Polar Bear Swim. As I got closer, the only signs of something about to happen were balloons placed in strategically  along the River Walk leading down to the water. The temperature was -5C and there was a cool breeze. 

Patricia Ceck in tie dyed long johns was the organizer of this event. Marc Ferland.

Arriving are the sisters; Adele & Anne Lacoursiere and a female Santa Sylvia Ketterer. 

How deep is it?

Watching in anticipation. 

The swimmers waiting for the countdown. Dave Poirier, Gayle Hemrich, Anne Lacoursiere, Jette Russell, Adele Lacoursiere, Patricia Ceck, Sylvia Ketterer, Marc Ferland.

The plunge.

Were's my hat?

Refreshing. "That wasn't so bad."

The crowd. "No thanks I'll just watch."

Getting ready for the walk back to the Chamber of Commerce for cookies and a hot drink.

Did I miss all the fun in the water?
All my best wishs to you and yours in the new year to come 2012!

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