Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Procession for Captain Dan Botkin

People lined the streets as far as you could see and beyond. 
January 5TH 2012 was the memorial for Dan Botkin a 29 year old fire fighter from Enderby, fallen in the line of duty. The procession was amazing. People came from the Islands and Alberta to pay their respects. Dignitaries such as Steven Point Lieutenant-Governor were also present. Thank you Dan for all you have done.
The procession heads down Belvedere. 

Captain Botkin's last ride.

Dan's helmet. 

They kept coming blocks of men and women walking, dressed in  their uniforms.

Steve removed his hat and the dogs sat patiently watching sensing the sadness in the air.

Then came the trucks.

Rest in peace. 


Anonymous said...

Well done Karen! Looks like you got more footage than the global news team showed on the news tonight.
Thank you.
Denis L.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, what an amazing display of support for a fallen volunteer.