Saturday, January 21, 2012

Visiting Cincinnati Ohio for a Birthday Celebration

Frisch's Big Boy
It was excellent going to Cincinnati for a Birthday and not a funeral. My past three visits were for deaths, family and a friend. I was met at the airport by Mom Kathy Dick, my brother Bob, and my sister Jessica. I am the oldest but the smallest. The plane was late getting in. Jessica announced my arrival as I walked through the doorway to the visitors area. Mom was sitting in a row of seats with a large grin on her face stomping her feet. She was wearing a pair of size 3 girls Sketchers with no laces and when you walk they light up with colored LED's. She had to stomp her feet for everyone in the airport as we walked to the car. Lucky it was nearly deserted, and we only passed two people.We would have been in the airport a long time had it been mid day. 

Brother Bob, Jessica sitting and Karen in Mom and Bob's back yard.

Jessica, Mom and Karen

Mom's shoes that light up. 

The expressions were too funny not to put this photo in.

Karen, cousin Pam, Jessica, Mom, and cousin Eve. At Eve and Randy's house for Sunday lunch.

On Friday's Mom has her hair done at "Shear Image" and then she and Bob go to "Chili Time" so Mom can have the Friday special Fish. 

The special.

My salad wasn't so good, Bob finished off his sandwich and onion rings and then  Mom tried to get him to eat her fish. I gave them both "what for". This is were the belly comes from, eating all the left overs. Bob was always a good eater.  Not like me "Miss Picky". Being a vegetarian with food allergies is a challenge when eating in restaurants.

I like the logo.

Cretan's opened when I was a kid and is still run by the same family. Not much has changed since they opened  in the 60's.

Cretan's famous Chili Dog, the food is the same too.

Mom and cousin Eve go to church on Sunday's. I went with them the two Sunday's I was there. The second Sunday was just Mom, Eve and I. After Church Eve suggested going to Mt Adam's. Yes, I lived in Mt Adam's in  1971 or 72 and every time I visit "Cincy" I want to go there, but the driver always misses the turn off and gets frustrated with all the navigators telling him which way to go, so I never get there. I was hopeful we would make it this time, but wouldn't bet on it. As usual we got turned around and ended up at "Coney Island" an amusement park on the River. We sat by the entrance pouring over a map.

We did make it to Mt Adam's, this is the view of downtown  Cincinnati.

Rookwood Pottery established in 1880, now a fine restaurant.

One of the old kilns.

The kiln now seats six people, I'm not even sure how to imagine the placement of the pottery when it was used as a kiln.

Kiln patent. 

Photo of the potters, hanging on the wall by our table, The place was oozing with history.

Eve and Kathy

My pancakes with chocolate and walnuts. I eat nearly half, Bob finished them off  in the backyard sitting around the fire pit.

Eve's sandwich.

Mom's salad and goetta.

Outside fire pit.

Another kiln with low table and circular seating.

The bar.
 This is just a taste of the photo's I took in Cincinnati. I couldn't put them all in one blog. You will have to wait for the next installment, possible the architectural shots or maybe the streets I roamed as a kid.........

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