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Absolute Style 2012 UFV Fashion Design Program Year-End Show

As an alumni of the Fashion Design program at Abbotsford's UFV, I was treated to a ticket to the year-end Fashion Show, Absolute Style, the Alumni Association even reserved  front row seats for us. I was proud of the fact that our graduating class choice the title Absolute Style and it is still being used. Graduating in 2000 we didn't get the computer programs that are available to the students today, you could see the difference in the portfolios. We only had sample programs, if you didn't get your work done by the end of the class you couldn't save your work. The show started out with bathing suits. From the 281 photo's that I took I have 62 to share with you.                                                                          

This got a good laugh from the audience. 

"Della Terra Design" Dawn Michelle Post-graduate collection. These designs are inspired by the earth, transforming cotton, silk, linen and paper with plant extracts, rust and mineral pigments.

Surface design was my favorite class. Transforming fabrics into pieces of art, by dying, twisting, stamping, painting, folding(Shibori), bleaching , amazing. 


Machine knitting.

Draping. the hats were extravagant. Draping is done but designing on a dress form.

 Graduate Collections 2012
"Brazen" Samantha Merritt

"Honey Han" Seoheui Han

"Be Admired" Samantha Proche

"World Citizens" Ingrid Silveira

"Saut de Lange design" Carly Lunde

"Cocoon Clothing" Julie Darel

"Soprie" Laura Auffray

"A B designs" Amelia Mayo

 The Graduates.
Samantha Merritt "Brazen"

Seoheui Han "Honey Han"

Samantha Proche "Be Admired"

Ingrid Silveira "World Citizens"

Carly Lunde "Saute de Lange design"

Julia Darel "Cocoon Clothing"

Laura Auffray "Soprie"

Amelia Mayo "A B designs"

Dawn Michelle Russell "Della Terra designs" Post-graduate collection.

International Shibori Exhibition Hong Kong. Kim Kokoszka was the only Canadian selected by an international jury, with over 100 entries from thirteen countries. Her piece was carefully folded and dyed from one single piece of fabric to create  a garment.

Abbotsford has a Tartan and it was designed by Samantha Merritt. Christine Wiebe thought Abbotsford should have a Tartan and now they a registered tartan.

Dr. Mark Evered also the Master Of Ceremony, never thought he would be wearing a kilt.

The most Creative award goes to Samantha Merritt

Most marketable award goes to Julie Darel

Most Technical award goes to Ingrid Silveira

Anne De Verteuil. Spent many long hours working the fashion shows over the years and taught surface design. This year she got front row seats and enjoyed the show. 

Samantha Merritt and her winning collection.
                                                         I wish the best to all the students for their future creativity.  

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