Friday, April 6, 2012

Random busyness

I was honored to be the community emcee for the Enderby Rick Hansen End of Day ceremonies on April 3RD, It was a good day. Looking up Cliff Ave.

Today is Good Friday,  Steve and I were busy in the yard when the sun came out this afternoon. From some of the branches we cut down last week we made a tepee for the squash and beans maybe some nasturtiums too. The neighbor up the road had music blasting, I think I would rather him blast music than the guy on the other side of town who loves to rev up his all terrain for hours. Bye Bye Miss American Pie........

The big bowl waiting patiently for the day we have the energy to turn it over. 

Yesterday I made two skirt patterns medium and large from the small I had made. This morning I  cut out two skirts and sewed up a front. The sun and yard called after lunch and the sewing was set aside for tomorrow.

This is the orchard that Chris and Yolanda gave Steve for Christmas  in  2009. I took this with  a friends camera, it makes it fuzzy on the sides. That orchid has been the best bloomer.

Last week when we were cutting and hacking in the yard I collected some willow branches and Oregon Grape for an arrangement in my giant brandy snifter, placing shells in the bottom. The willows are growing and the Oregon Grape is blooming.  I used my friends camera on this photo also. I like that feature. 
In the midst of all this I have been going to meetings for things like Open Air Market, Toastmasters, organizing a Mini Food Fair for the Green Party's AGM, Vitalization of Enderby, walking the dog, smart meter protest, random busyness, with a creative flare.

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Judy Ellis said...

You are blossoming beautifully in Enderby, I'd say, Ms. Karen!