Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mackie Lake House

Finally April 15TH 2012 Steve and I were taken to the Mackie Lake House. We had heard about Artist in residencs, but had no idea what an amazing and beautiful heritage house this is. Our neighbor Jeanette Palmer's sister was to be the artist in residents.  We had also heard a lot about Jeanette's sister Joyce Devlin and admired the large painting in Jeanette's living room painted by her sister.

View from below the house

View for the birds

Mackie Lake House 7804 Kidston Road Coldstream, BC. Ronald Buchanan, a business man from Montreal  commissioned architect Robert Findley to build the house in 1910. In 1987 the house was recognized as a heritage site. The last resident was Patrick (Paddy) F. Mackie, he bequeathed the house to the Mackie Lake House Foundation and they have been taking great care of the house as Patrick Mackie did when he lived. The house is in it's original state and has many treasured items displayed as if in a living museum.  You feel the art and care that went into the spaces with a sense of creativity and happy times. Many good feelings in this house.

Front door knocker

Loved this sitting room. Joyce sat in the chair on the left, I sat on the sofa looking at her portfolios, I came to a picture of sunflowers and she told the story of the women who bought the painting. Joyce received a call from a woman asking if she had any paintings of fish. Joyce said "Yes it's about 18 feet long." silence fell on the conversation, before long the woman said"I'll have a truck come round for it."

This cabinet was in the sitting room and looks to be as old as the house with many treasured items inside.

This is a self portrait of Joyce, she said "Oh those are old."  This is one of the many paintings that belong to the Mackie Lake House. It was a painting that Joyce gave to Patrick Mackie long ago.

The old curios cabinet with watches and a reflection of Joyce and Jeanette's  cousin sitting in a chair, much like a painting you might see in the house.  

I love glass and the windows were copacetic.

Mantle in the dining room

Jeanette is a certified flower judge, this is the flower arrangement she brought for the "Artist Reception".

Linen napkins and old china were a few of the little details that gave the experience life. My plate of goodies.

I puzzled over the construction of this beautiful banister. 

Joyce Devlin from Ottawa and her younger sister Jeanette Palmer from Enderby, just down the road from us.

Screened in porch and what a view.

It was wonderful to finally get to the Mackie Lake House.
You can visit the Vernon Public Art Gallery to see Joyce Devlin,s work and visit Joyce Devlin Mackie Lake House  at the Mackie lake house web site to learn more about Joyce and Mackie Lake House.

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