Monday, August 20, 2012

Grindrod Garlic Festival 2012

Garlic hanging lamp perfect for that dark corner in the kitchen hanging over a little round bistro table.
It was 27C at 9:30 am on Sunday August 19TH in downtown Enderby, in the afternoon in Grindrod my car read 37C. My purchase of garlic chocolate from "Deep Creek Chocolates" was safe in the cooler under a white cloth, my booth was cooler shaded by curtains hung around it, people were coming in just to enjoy the shade. For the Garlic Festival  I came with garlic themed greeting cards, hats,  bags of all sorts, and a garlic lamp.  I was busy in my booth, and had many items of conversation such as the change room, the boob art, and all the garlic stuff. I did a bit of trading garlic for garments. When you go to a garlic festival there is never a shortage of garlic and you must come home with garlic.

I had some fun free hand stitching on my sewing machine.

A Garlic fascinator, from the carefully peeled outer layer of a large garlic bulb.  It needed it's own box so I made one with some of my hand made recycled paper and flowers.

Sneeze for the camera.

I somehow managed to get a break from my booth just in time for the costume contest.  Gabriele, Karen, Maddy, Shawn-Mark and Jeanette in the back row. "Garlic Girl" Maddy was announced the winner.  Maddy is my student, she took sewing lessons for two weekends this summer, her last project was to make a costume for the Garlic Festival, she did a great job. I made the Garlic hats that Gabriele and Jeanette are wearing. Our prizes were Garlic chocolate and two $5.00 Garlic festival bucks. 

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