Monday, August 27, 2012

A small Vertical Garden

I have been inspired and in awe at some of the amazing vertical gardens I have seen on line. I wanted one for my yard and thought I could make a small one. Rummaging around  the second hand store I found a wire frame for making wreathes and a bit of plastic netting. In the shed we had dry moss and soil, up the street in a crevice I found some interesting moss, in the garden I had some succulents and a low growing creeper that crept over from next door.
The wire wreath frame with the plastic net wrapped and wired, ready  for the  garden contents.

A paint tray full of Hen's and Chicken's, moss and the creeper.

The frame ready for the plants. I started with moss and then soil.

This gives you an idea of the size in relation to the paint tray.


It sat for a week or so flat, establishing its roots before I hung it. 

After a couple of months it looks beautiful, I even cut some of the babies off of the large succulent.  
The plastic net doesn't hold up so good in the sun, and the whole thing is slowly moving down, but it was a fun project and a lovely small vertical garden that thrived the hot summer. When it gets cold I will put it on the ground and next year I can rearrange it and figure a better wrap.

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