Saturday, September 3, 2011

I.P.E. Parade On a beautiful Saturday Morning

Saturday September the 3rd, Steve and I got up early and drove into Armstrong for the I.P.E. Parade. I only got a few shots of the few floats, bands, people, horses, and many sunflowers. I didn't even get to hear the bag pipe band. We had fun riding in circles just missing each other. Christine brought mint from her garden and we(I) gave it out instead of candy. Kids were lined up along the streets with goody bags waiting for candy. Christine was a big hit on her penny farthing. (When mentioning Penny Farthing someone asked where she was). We also got people asking who 's face is on the May Flowers? Elizabeth May! And we were happy to get an honorable mention in the judging of the parade.
Askews family hippie's going with the theme "Flower Power" Peace Brother! 

One of the many bands

Kelowna had a working Pogo with coveralls.

Christine was a hit on her Penny Farthing. Her shoes wouldn't stay on so she had to tie them on, at lest they were green.

The Bee stung smiles on all the faces. No Elizabeth May is not part of her wing, it's really on the back of my bike. 

Dave and his sunflowers they were "heavy"

Cop of a different era. 

She collects parasols and he loves old cars together it's so lovely.

Pony's and chuck wagons.

Pony's and men in cowboy hats.

The four of us Christine, Steve, Dave and me.

Love the t shirt, one way to a perfect figure, but you are perfect just the way you are.

The honorable mention, and the sunflowers that adorned my helmet, and became my fascinator afterwards for the fair. They were hoping to get in the Guinness book of world records for the most people to were a fascinator. I don't know how they were counting.
Flower Power!


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tri again

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RiverTalk said...

Good photographs, Karen. You should take pictures for RiverTalk.

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Fabulous array of illustrative images. K a r e n you are awesome/

Michael said...

Great gallery of images K a r e n .

You are awesome
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