Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To The Fields & Foods Harvest Celebration at Green Croft Gardens

Gabriele and Wolf hosted a harvest celebration to thank supporters. Chefs, Producers and Sponsors were invited to promote their businesses. They had Chefs from as far as Victoria. The local Chef from Grindrod, Afka Zonderland with Foods Alive, she specializes in raw foods. From Kelowna they had Dave Kyte, Seasons Harvest and Greg Howell, Hanna's Restaurant. From Victoria Mark Currier Pizzeria Prima Strada.
It was a pleasure touring the gardens, feasting on the raspberries in the fields, playing with the many dogs, and talking to our many new friends. I enjoyed the salads. 

That's one big BBQ

Lynn's chocolates, the best and she makes organic chocolate.

Afka's dehydrated treats.

Not only did they have something for the tummy but also something to keep your head warm.

What a beautiful setting for an organic garden.

It was such a beautiful day. I came with a little pink jacket and I took it off and put it on as the sun moved across the sky and the clouds drifted over and around, as long as I was in the sun I was warm.

Garlic drying in a shed.

Love the mini pumpkins.

I feasted on salads.

Pickled beets and goat cheese salad. 

Line up for food it was very long.

Helpers scooping out potatoes to be filled with lamb stew. 

Wine tasting.

The road was full of cars parked making for one lane traffic. It was a quiet street.

Lots of happy people and dogs enjoyed the feast. Be sure to visit your local farmers market for the freshest foods grown and prepared  with love. From the fields to your table. Thank you Gabriele and Wolf!

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