Monday, September 26, 2011

BC Rivers Days

Rivers are our life line, they nurture us, providing the life giving water we cannot live without.They are home to many species of fish, mammals, birds and small organisms. They are used for transportation, recreation, food source, etc. Yet we pollute our rivers with industrial waste, garbage and sewage. Everyday we should be keeping the rivers and lakes clean! 
The streets of downtown Enderby are always quiet on a Sunday morning.
Sunday September 25Th 2011 was BC Rivers Day. Lucky for us the rain stopped before we set out for a clean up along the river.  River Days is meant to bring awareness to our rivers with a clean up, educational displays and entertainment I had other business in the afternoon so I missed the entertainment

The Chamber of Commerce and the Tourist information sit along the  Shuswap River.

The Museum had photo displays, I like this photo of the guy balancing on a chair on a log in the river.! Wish I could see that in real life.

Listening to the speeches of the Mayor  Dee Wejr,  Area F director and RDNO Chair Herman Halvorson, and Splats'in Councillor Randy Williams or his name is Silleattsa (Two blankets)

The group of cleaners, speakers, and people with information. Mattie the dog even helped by nibbling up any food in his path.(When he wasn't playing with it or running after ducks into the muddy water)

A young Eagle watches the clean up.

What a difference in the size of the river from summers large volumes.

I was happy to see the large pile of junk cleaned up on the other side of the river, it needed a truck. Why do people think it's OK to leave junk on a beach they recreation  on?
BC Hydro had a Power Smart Booth. I asked about the controversial Smart Meters. I still have research to do but according to the young women, If you were to stand next to a smart meter over it's 20 year span it would be equal to a 30 minute cell phone call. The meters only send radio frequencies one minute per day.
If you were to have a power outage BC Hydro would know where the outage is from the meters information. You would never again have an estimated bill from BC Hydro. You will be able to go on line and see by the hour how much hydro you are using. So why is it the consumption is high at two in the afternoon when you know you were taking a nap or at work. Think about how old your present meter is, they have not been replaced in a very long time. Would the Smart Meters be more efficient and are they safe? Be informed check it out for yourself.


ricki said...

Thanks for the wonderfully inspiring community posting!

Okanagan Jen said...

Great post and awesome pics! Protecting and keeping our waterways clean is incredibly important. Sorry to have missed the clean-up.

Thanks for also sharing the info on the new Smart Meters. I will definitely be doing some reading on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Well done, good volunteer effort. Except, there is more to the Shuswap River than only the downtown part.... you may want to check the route the floaters took last summer - that's where the real trash is "hanging out". Most pollution we noticed during our last paddle trip was between Grindrod and Mara Village. The was just about any type of floatie wreck, bottles, tarps... you name it - JUNK!!! The cleaning should not be left to the local volunteers. Floaters should have to pay an enviro fee so that cleaners can be paid for their grimy labour.
Education works for some - policing works for most who don't care about our area because they don't live here.

Karen Durant said...

Thank you for your inspiring and helpful ideas on how to keep our rivers clean. Unfortunately if we didn't have volunteers many things would not get done. We did get a free lunch.