Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Does Enderby Score When It Comes To Wheel Chair Accessibility?

Councillor Raquel Knust, Councillor Greg McCune, Pat Weston and Abby Parelich in front of the Pharmacy Post office. The door has a button to press for automatic opening but you can not reach it in a wheel chair.

To Put wheel chair accessibility to the test Mayor Howie Cyr, and Councillor's Beryl Ludwig, Raquel Knust,   and Greg McCune were organized by Abby Parelich, to spend time in a wheel chair. When I heard about this I called my friend Pat Weston, who has been in a wheel chair for longer than I have known her. She came to watch them for a laugh and ended up being very helpful with advise. 
 We started at City Hall, the first problem was getting in.

Beryl Ludwig , this is the so called wheel chair accessible door into city hall.  If it's not locked, it is hard to open, she spent a long time opening the door.

Heading down the street in front of the burnt out "Little City Fashions" Beryl was stuck again, this time by the  brick work in the side walk.

Rick Hansen Logo's painted on the windows of merchants who made donations. Painted by Heather Edwards.

Mayor Howie Cyr stuck on a curb.

Raquel pushing Beryl around. 

Pat in her chair with the 5TH wheel, which makes a big difference in getting around. Mattie loves Pat and just wanted to be in her lap.

What was it like being in a wheel chair, Howie was panting from exertion, Greg could not get into the pharmacy, we all had to look at getting around town in a different way.
 I can not have Pat over for dinner with all the steps to get into the house. When the weather is better for outside fare, or we find the money to rebuild the porch. What can you do?

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Tanisha Hertzler said...

It’s great to hear about cities that are concerned about their disabled citizens. Truly, there are lots of public places/transportation facilities that are inaccessible for them. With such an activity, I’m sure we’ll soon have a city that is accessible to both people with or without disability.