Saturday, March 17, 2012

IODE Women Dedicated to A Better Canada

Today is St Patrick's day and I can not believe how big the snow flakes were this morning. One hit me in the eye and nearly knocked me over.

What did you do today? I went to the Shamrock Tea put on by the women of the IODE that is “Imperial Order Daughter's of the Empire”, “Women dedicated to a better Canada”. The Enderby chapter known as “Lambly's Landing” help fund raise for education and community services. Some of the places they help with funding are “Parkview Place” Health care unit, “A.L Fortune” High School, “Family place”, and they have a program called “Baby think it over”. The group has 30 lifelike baby dolls that they loan to schools in Vernon, Enderby, Sicamous and Salmon Arm, this gives teens an understanding of how much work it is to care for a baby.
Over 50 people were in attendance. Nancy Wilson past President handed out certificates starting with a Memorial certificate for Dan Botkin, our fallen firefighter and a bursary cheque which was excepted by our fire chief Kevin Alstad. Joyce Mayes was given a certificate for ten years service, she is also the new President. Audry Bogart said she has been waiting a year for her certificate of 60 years of service. Really she has been waiting 60 years.
They served up coffee, tea, sandwiches and sweets. One of the long tables was crowded with Red Hatter's giggling and having a wonderful time. It being St Patrick's Day among the red and purple they had Green. If you thought red and purple was extravagant the addition of green was too much hilarity. I'll take that back you can never have too much hilarity.  

Joyce Mayes greeted you at your table, Joyce is a hard worker, I first met her at "Twice But Nice" Enderby's second hand store. She is the new President for IODE Lumbly's Landing.

Rick Wilson, playing his heart. He didn't know any Irish gigs so he played a  few Christmas carols. 

The door prizes.

Jean Andrews and Jeanette.

Red Hatter's with a touch of green, from left around to right Lois, Donna, Ellen, Miss Kitty, Barb, Vickie, Sherry, Sonia, Cathy and Jeanette

Sweets, dates, peanuts, butter, lemon........


Joyce Mayes, Nancy Wilson and Kevin Alstad Enderby's Fire Chief.

Joyce Mayes ten years and the new President, Navy Wilson past president, Audrey Bogart 60 years.

One of the thirty life like dolls for loan to schools.

These women are hard at work helping to make the lives other others better. Keep up the good work and thank you .

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