Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Toastmasters Area 33 Speech and Evaluation Contest

March 27Th Enderby Toastmasters hosted an area 33 Speech and Evaluation contest. We had two speakers from Enderby and two speakers from Armstrong. It's always good to see what the other clubs are doing and how we are all progressing. The Armstrong group was very active. Our test speaker was from Vernon Nell, she gave the speech that was to be evaluated by 5 people who were judged on their evaluations.

Our four speech contestants. Karen Durant Enderby second place, Marjorie Harris Armstrong first place, Doug Main Enderby, Susan Giguere Armstrong.

Winners of the evaluation contest Marjorie Harris second place, Sheila Proctor Armstrong First place and Heather Fournier  Enderby Third place.
It was an evening of many topics, Spring Cleaning, Kathy's pink canvas stomping Shoe's, Favorite drug, the importance of Bee's and the dangers of plastic's. The audience was challenged, humored, and inspired. 35 people was crowded in the Enderby Museum. The treats looked good but I never eat before I speak, people seamed to be going for the homemade treats.
Coming in second place I could go on to the next level of competition which is in Nelson. The problem is I am triple booked that weekend, what to do....... what to do...........

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