Monday, March 5, 2012

Trials of Family Portraiture with Dog & Glasses

I love to get pictures at the end of the year from my friends and loved ones who live far away. School pictures, vacation pictures, funny pictures. One of my goals each year is to send my friends and family a photo collage or a family portrait. 2011 we fastened the camera on a tripod and set the timer, as I ran back and forth from camera to sofa, husband and dog. With my poor vision and a small  viewer on my digital we take a lot of photo's. I had a clothing change not realizing I wouldn't like the first or second session. The biggest trial was the dog, Mattie, getting him to look at the camera and not us. Steve's glasses were also a challenge.

This was a good shot we both liked it, but Steve's glasses are reflecting the light from the window.

Mattie contemplating his toes, and I didn't set the timer.

Steve was instructed to hold his head so his glasses wouldn't reflect  light, he moved his head and Mattie  thought it was a good time for kisses. 

That tongue is faster than a speeding bullet. 

Steve,"How long do I have to hold this smile?" Mattie "What is that smell , it's coming from down there?"

Holding up Mattie's head looked funny with all those arms and hands.

Oops, I was so busy smiling at the camera, I pinched Mattie's nose!
Big sneeze. We tried closing the curtains and it helped with the reflections in Steve's glasses, but then it was too dark.

In the end I cropped the arms out of the best picture and this is what we  sent our  family and friends.

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